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📸 今天我们有幸迎接我国科学、工艺及革新部长YB郑立慷莅临我们公司!🙌
📸 Today, we had the honour of welcoming YB Tuan Chang Lih kang, Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, to Action Group! 🙌
During his insightful presentation, YB provided a thorough analysis of the current challenges and prospects faced by our country. His perspectives were truly inspiring, and we are grateful for the opportunity to engage with the Minister and share our company's efforts and achievements in the fields of science, technology, and innovation.
During this morning's presentation, YB shared his unique insights on economic strategies, talent development, and current affairs. His experiences and perspectives hold significant guidance for us, motivating us to continually progress in the realm of technological innovation.
Additionally, we have uploaded some photos of YB's visit, allowing us to share this special moment with everyone. We extend our gratitude to YB for gracing our company with his presence and for his acknowledgment and encouragement of our work. This will serve as a constant source of inspiration as we strive for scientific advancement, technological progress, and innovative breakthroughs.
Photo credit to Tang Ah Chai
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02 Aug 2023

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